Is the Colloquy Mastermind Group right for you?

Are you someone who…

  • Likes to be part of a discussion to share ideas with others who are considering the same issues and questions 
  • Recognizes the value of hearing new ideas they may not have considered 
  • Knows there is always more to learn
  • Appreciates the value of being with likeminded people  
  • Benefits from talking through a problem
  • Welcomes the opportunity to help others while learning themselves

If You Said Yes…

Then the Colloquy Mastermind Group may be right for you.

Are Colloquy Individual Meetings right for you?

Are you someone who…

  • Prefers personalized attention
  • Wants additional time to discuss issues and concerns
  • Has deadlines to meet
  • Wants to progress quickly
  • Has time sensitive questions
  • Wants to discuss topics related to your specific situation

If You Said Yes…

Then Colloquy Individual Meetings may be right for you.

Selection Process

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