Colloquy Mastermind Groups help clarify complex issues.

Achieve successful outcomes by discussing questions, concerns and evaluating options.

Colloquy Mastermind Groups

In Colloquy Groups individuals share ideas and learn from each other. It is an opportunity to hear what other people are thinking as they consider and prepare for the sale of their company. Ideas come up that you may not even been contemplated. 

Each meeting has an agenda and important topics are discussed. The exchange of information and ideas is led by a facilitator to ensure the maximum value for all participants. Created, is a supportive environment of accountability.

  • Number of participants in each: 3-6

The number of people is limited so that everyone has an opportunity to participate and benefit from the discussion. Each person should leave the meeting with at least one idea they can use to their advantage.

  • Initial Private Preparatory Consultation 

Prior to the first meeting each participant will have a one hour private consultation to properly prepare them for the group discussion and identify what they wish to accomplish.

  • Time and Place

All meetings will be held on Zoom on a schedule convenient for all participants.

  • Confidentiality

Participants commit to follow the rule of confidentiality. Everyone has a vested interest in adhering to maintaining privacy for everyone.

There will be no competitors in any given Colloquy group to allow confidential participation.