Ask Yourself – Are You Prepared To Sell Your Business?


Colloquy will help you look at your business under the magnifying glass to Clarify these complex questions.

Colloquy is by definition, a formal discussion.  We add to that definition confidential and collaborative help.

Here, the conversation is about you, your business and the myriad details involved with its sale.

Let’s begin with what Colloquy is NOT…not a business broker, not a life coach, not a mergers and acquisitions company, not a financial advisor, not a realtor, not a business lawyer, not a listing service.

Colloquy IS for those who are experts in running their business, but need help understanding the scope of what is really involved in the sale of possibly their biggest asset.  It takes proper preparation to maximize the value of one’s company.

Have you thought about?

  • How do you appraise your business’s worth?
  • What you need to do to prepare the company for sale?
  • Are you ready to have someone come into your business look behind the scenes?
  • What will happen to your employees?
  • Should you try to sell it on your own or hire someone?
  • What if you can’t get as much money as you expect?
  • Do you understand the 3 basic ways businesses are sold?
  • The personal and emotional aspects of selling?

We discuss these questions and concerns and much more.

If you find value in working with others, Mastermind Discussion Groups might be to be your preference.  If so, you’ll be in with very good, like minded company.

If you prefer a more individual approach, Individual Meetings is always an option.  This is particularly effective when coupled with the group experience.