Thinking about selling your business or retiring from a career is a major life change.

You’ve spent a large part of your adult life at your work. Before you make this decision you want to consider all your options to make the transition successful. I know from experience that sharing ideas and insight with like-minded peers who are grappling with the same question is extraordinarily valuable and leads to better decision making.

Why Do I Do This?

I’m passionate about seeing business people Grow, Be Happy And Accomplish More Than They Think Is Possible.

For years, I have seen the power of business people openly sharing their concerns and questions in a confidential setting. Individually or in a group, they learn and grow in amazing ways.  

As leader of these groups, I help facilitate valuable conversations for exchanging ideas and insights. My role is to keep the discussions focused and moving forward so everyone benefits.

Entering a next phase of life is full of unknowns and ‘never done that befores’.

My goal is to help you face these challenges confidently prepared.

My Background


BA and MA in Sociology from University of Pennsylvania

While working on my PhD program I started my first company which I took from startup through acquisition by an industry leader.

Professional Experience

My broad range of business experience enables me bring a deeper understanding to what is needed to accomplish your goals. 


Started and sold a medical diagnostic equipment company – I know what it’s like to sell a company

Selling a company is not an easy task. It is complicated by various issues and made stressful by all the unknowns. You want to get the best price, you want to take care of your employees and you want to create a positive future for yourself. I know what this feels like. When I sold my manufacturing business I learned many valuable lessons.

For example the cost, in money and time, for us as a small business is much more for a larger company. This is something to be considered when evaluating your sale price.


Banking and Commercial Finance

I have worked for both a publicly traded bank and equipment leasing companies. Understanding finance from both the operational side of running a business and from the view of bankers and credit analysts is very valuable.

Bankers and people working in commercial finance also speak a different language than business owners. I know the language of both and have sat at tables translating for each side to enable a worthwhile meeting. 


Private Business Advisor

In One to One sessions I provide an objective outside view. I ask the challenging questions to help clients see things they may have missed or were hesitant to tackle. This allows them to solve problems and identify opportunities and consider issues in a way they may not have previously considered.


Vistage Peer Advisory Board Leader

Forming and leading a peer advisory board, in association with this premier global membership association, was a very rewarding experience. Helping business owners to grow as leaders of their company and take the role of CEO was impressive. I facilitated their confidential discussions so they could honestly share ideas and information and help each other become better leaders of more profitable companies.


Adjunct Professor in Department of Management – Long Island University, Baruch University

In this setting I applied my business knowledge and formal education to teach undergraduates and adults about small business. I shared my passion and first-hand experience to give them a foundation for understanding entrepreneurship and how to start and manage a new company.


Nonprofit  Experience at Womens Business Center

Learning how nonprofit organizations support themselves and survive opened my eyes to another aspect of business. Helping individuals considering starting a business brought me back to my business roots. Being able to help them begin this journey was humbling and exciting.