You Want To Sell Your Business.

Where Do You Even Begin?

Welcome to Colloquy

Helping business owners clarify the complex preparation required to sell their company.

Colloquy  (col·lo·kwee)
is by definition, a formal discussion.  We add to that definition confidential and collaborative help.

You’ve spent your time and energy to build a business you’re proud of and are now considering selling.

BUT…have you thought about all the details of selling? Employees? Asset Valuation? Taxes? Partners? Timing? The list is long and the process can be daunting.

Colloquy empowers business owners by examining and organizing the detailed aspects of their business. We provide a forum to help you move forward with certainty and accomplish your goals.

••• BUT HOW? •••

Essential Review Analysis 

Evaluation report based on comprehensive information provided by the owner including: 

  • Identifying owner’s business and personal goals  
  • Review of 7 Key Areas of the business:
    • Personal
    • Financial 
    • Customers
    • Operation
    • Employees 
    • Time
    • Future
  • Action Plan with specific tasks and dates for preparing to accomplish the desired goals  

Colloquy Mastermind Groups are professionally facilitated, confidential discussions that enable the sharing of ideas and insight among likeminded peers, considering the same questions and challenges.

This extremely valuable process can explore possibilities you’ve never considered.

Individual Meetings provide one on one attention for those who prefer personal discussions or want to complement the group experience.